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Business Support Specialist

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Empowering Small Business Owners

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Harold Dangervil is an Entrepreneur, Small Business Advisor, and a Highly Praised Business Coach


Harold has been helping business for more than 10 years across multiple platforms. Dangervil has been empowering small eulogy write my essay now business owners across New York City through video, business training workshops and one on one coaching sessions since he graduated college.


Harold Dangervil is the founder of a Non-for-profit organization that teaches financial literacy and social responsibility to youth in communities that suffer from economic hardship. Helping hundreds of youth understand finances and take action toward financial empowerment.



He first began his introduction to business during college at Stony Brook University, when he and his friends started a nonprofit organization that taught financial literacy and social responsibility to the youth in New York City. He then entered the financial services industry as a small business specialist where he spent his time aiding startups and established businesses with all of their financial needs.


Harold believes that ideas are truly a gift from the creator that empower us to be more than what we are and allows us to do more than we thought we could do.  However, ideas only matter when they are being brought into reality or else they are left in the realm of non-existence to forever be forgotten.  The question then becomes how do we make an idea real? Harold created EnE Planning  to be the answer to that question.

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About Excellence in Execution Planning 

Excellence in Execution Planning (EnE Planning) helps its clients reach new heights and fulfill their ultimate purpose by providing business solutions used by public corporations and multi-million dollar companies to grow and build profit gaining capabilities, in order to succeed in today’s marketplace. This will allow you to develop a growth structure and enhance your current initiatives towards higher profits and sustainability.


We bring the advantages and benefits of consulting, business support services & business solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs. By obtaining all the information needed to assess our client’s needs, we are able to produce state of the art strategies and technologies that will maximize the returns and promote growth throughout our clients’ business. By doing this we will give start up organizations and growing entrepreneurs the same leverage enjoyed by Fortune 500 Companies.

“When you model success, you become success”

– Harold Dangervil