Business Support Services


The Power of Business Support


What can a Business Support Specialist do for me?

Business Support Services bring the following to your business:

  • Clarity
  • Accountability
  • Focus
  • Guidance
  • Knowledge


Our Business Support Services  you get personal attention from someone who knows business operations inside and out. You will learn how to make your ideas a reality. You’ll have a much needed partner who is with you in the trenches, helping you find solutions.


Our business support services are designed to make your business efficient, whether you are present or not, making it a sound investment.


Our business support services will give you a road map for your business so that you can navigate the growth of your business.


Our business support services will help you organize your business so that you can execute your operations effectively.



Every entrepreneur needs a plan, a strategy that defines your vision, your goals and how you are going to reach them. A simple business strategy can take your business to the next level. Our business support services provide the opportunity for businesses, which have the potential to receive funding, to create a solid business structure and become solid employers. Plan today and receive the benefits for years to come. Our Business support services include:

  • Clarify the vision for your business
  • Explore and Discover right business model for your business
  • Craft long-term goals and short-term action plans
  • Set prices and determine your revenue and expense model
  • Brainstorm new products and services
  • Determine which staff or subcontractors to hire
  • Find more efficient ways to run your office
  • Design your brand

Common uses for our services include:

  • Assisting businesses and entrepreneurs with the research and structuring of a comprehensive, written business plan focused on obtaining funding from potential investors.
  • Assisting businesses and entrepreneurs with the research and structuring of a comprehensive, written marketing plans focused on entering new market segments.
  • Assisting Non Profit Organizations with registration, obtainment of 501 c 3 status, NYS sales tax exemption and organizational structure focused on preparing for growth.
  • Written financial plan package, which delivers a complete, detailed and customized financial plan, Financial Dashboard, and SBA loan preparation.

Our Business Support Services Business Maps are based on the knowledge and strategies of the best business minds of the century. Start with our business support services and use the knowledge and experience of the best experts in finding business solutions.

More important than Business Efficiency is the efficiency of the business owner.